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After you installed a mod to Extracurricular Activities Maria noticed programming the involved you and Darius, she decides to help you two hook up after so many playthroughs. Someone however, want's you out the picture.

me and a friend decided Maria would be a self-aware character if every VN was like DDLC. So at first I quickly  made a dumb click slideshow version on how the story would play out.

A few days later others shown interest so I decided to release it for the public.

I took it down due to copyright infringement  and decided to remake it entirely.

New Art

New Music and Recordings

Hopefully the wait was well worth while.

Want to be part of the playetesters for the next game

join my Discord!



Maria-1.3-mac.zip 62 MB
Maria-1.3-pc.zip 79 MB

Development log


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Android version?


Sorry, no android version is available


Is there a possibility of there being one?


the games keeps crashing and closing its self at the same point everytime i try it no matter what i do am i supposed to put it somewhere particular or maybe its something else?..


Sounds like maybe Issac wasn't too happy with you and Darius...? Open the game again after the crash.